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Bat & Glove Advice

How to select a Softball Bat
Whether you are a beginner just starting out or playing at the highest level, buying your bat is a personal choice. We are here to help you make the right choice.

With today's technology, bats can now enhance performance and can be tailored to your strengths. We can also help you select the bat that fits your body size, skills level, height, weight and hitting strength. The growing popularity of composite bats is continuing with the majority of players prefering the extra pop off the bat.

Bigger, stronger players usually prefer a heavier bat as this provides the player with more heft and swing power. Smaller players with less strength should use a lighter bat as this allows a quicker swing as well as more control.

There is basically two types of bats; Composite or Aluminium and it basically comes down to price. An alloy bat provides a solid bat for beginners that is extremely durable and provides basics needed. A composite bat is more advanced using composite fibers in the barrel. This provides the extra trampoline effect off the bat which usually results in extra distance.

The biggest development in bats for many years has been Louisvilles Swing1 technology. This involves a disc inserted inside the barrel of the bat, at the sweet spot which stops the barrel wall flexing beyond the performance limit and giving the player maximum performance. This is unique to Louisville and many other brands are not attempting to simulate this.



Softball gloves are the same as our hands - different shapes and sizes. The gloves are manufactured to fit both the position you play and the skills that you have.

Glove Size

The size of glove depends on your position on the field. Most outfielders prefer a bigger glove to give them a larger pocket size and in turn larger catching area. Infield and more experienced players prefer a smaller glove to allow them to feel the ball more. We usually recommend a 12" for infield and 13" for outfield. The key point to remeber on glove size is the actual fit of the glove does not increase / decrease in terms of size of glove. All gloves are manufactured to fit an adult hand, with the exception of women's fit and youth sizes. A new development from Louisville is also the mesh back glove, this decrease the weight of the glove as well as making the glove easier to close.

Pocket Size - the size of the pocket depends on the position you play, shallow pockets allow infielders to feel the ball when caught in the glove, allowing quicker transfer of the ball from the glove to the throwing hand. Larger or deeper pockets help outfielders catch the ball when on the move.

Webbing - there are many different styles of webbing available to help you better field your position. Quite often though the webbing style is often downe to the playrs personal preference.

Keep this information in mind when you are deciding which model and size you wish to purchase. You can e-mail our experts to help you make the right choice - sales@thesoftballshop.co.uk or tel: 0800 4582442